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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

The Ten Series

Rolfers take a wholistic view of human structure. They see it as a system where an imbalance in one part of the body contributes to others elsewhere in the person, and likewise, where the introduction of balance to one part of the body elicits an organizational response throughout the entire individual. This, one of Dr. Rolf's primary concepts, forms the basis for the recipe of the Rolfing Series: each of the ten sessions is unique, dealing with a specific goal in working with the body. This generates a momentum that carries through the body's structure and into subsequent sessions, creating the work's cumulative effect. The first two thirds of the Series are predominantly spent defining and differentiating muscles, muscle groups, and their respective functions, with the latter third emphasizing the coordination of the actions of these structures throughout the body. After concluding the Series, a person's body functions with greater freedom and efficiency. With the organization and balance imparted by Rolfing, a person is now "integrated," his body supporting itself in the field of gravity, as opposed to holding "good posture" against gravity's pull.