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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™


Details on sessions in general, logistics, fees, cancellations, insurance, etc., are below.



Please schedule appointments by calling 206-463-7560.


The fee per normal session is $200 if paid at time of service. Payment may be made by either check, cash, or credit card.


Sessions generally last 60-75 minutes.

Cancellation Policy and Rescheduling

Your time is valuable, so please be on time for your session. Your appointment is your personal block of time, and if you are late, it is time lost from your session.

In the event that you need to cancel a session, YOU MUST CANCEL BY TELEPHONE CALL! AT LEAST ONE FULL WORKING DAY'S NOTICE IS REQUIRED is required in order to allow time to attempt to fill the empty session. IF YOU DO NOT CALL BY 10AM THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SESSION, YOU ARE LIABLE FOR THE FULL SESSION FEE. Likewise, if Allan cancels without adequate notice, he will owe you a free session. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Unless the ferries completely mess him up, Allan will be there for your session!

What To Expect / What to wear

For your initial session with Allan, please arrive five to ten minutes early to fill out a short intake form. At the beginning of the session, he will sit down with you and go over your history, goals, and concerns. Next, he'll perform an assessment.

Rolfers work with their clients in their underwear or a suitable substitute (no lycra, please, as it’s very slippery, and requires much more pressure/discomfort to keep from sliding around!). For women, a two-piece bathing suit or a sports bra and running shorts are OK. The idea is to let the Rolfer see more easily how tension affects your alignment and observe how your body does or doesn't move, and also to facilitate getting hands-on to do the work itself. After viewing your body in standing and in motion, Allan may draw on other modes of assessment to acquaint himself with your body pattern, and strategize your session. Then, the work will begin!

Intake form

If you want to streamline your initial session, you can take a few minutes to fill out this intake form in advance. Please elaborate on any item answered YES, and reference by number in the comments section.


Any insurance policy that covers massage will cover Rolfing, because Rolfing is included within WA State's massage licensure (LMT). Policies can be radically different — whether there is a co-pay, they cover only preferred providers, or whether they will cover anyone that is licensed — so the best thing to do is to contact your agent and find out what your benefits are. This insurance benefits form has questions to ask your insurance provider so that you gain a clear idea of your benefits and their limits.

Allan is not a preferred provider for any insurance companies, but most will simply reimburse you if you send in the receipt he can provide for services rendered. That is the way his clients work it, and reimbursement is pretty wrinkle-free. Use this insurance claim info form to keep track of all the details of the claim.

Don't forget that you are ultimately financially responsible for the balance due for treatment fees after your insurance has paid its share. It is also important to remember and understand that payment for missed appointments is your responsibility as per the signed cancellation agreementinsurance companies will not pay for appointments when services have not been rendered. This is also covered in the insurance agreement.