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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Rolfing articles

• Rolfing, Excrutiatingly Helpful, in The New York Times

Courtesy of fellow Rolfer Russell Stolzoff:
• Applied Force: Does Rolfing Work – and How Much Does It Hurt?, in Climbing Magazine
• The Rolfing Method: The Evolution of Structural Integration, in Massage Magazine

The Rolf Institute®

Rolfing on OPRAH
Slideshow and info
Video of the episode

Rolfing for children - great videos of work by Robert Toporek
• parts 1, 2, 3.

Visceral Manipulation
• Jeff Burch article in Massage Therapy Journal (.pdf file)
• Jean-Pierre Barral D.O. bio in Time Magazine
The Barral Institute

Cranial Manipulation
• John Upledger D.O. bio in Time Magazine
The Upledger Institute

Canadian College of Osteopathy

Eastland Press

S/V Aurora
• The manifestation of my post-mid-life crisis.

• The very powerful and easy-to-use program used to create this website, on a Mac, of course!