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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™


I first went to Allan in 1993. I did the full series at that time. I'm a physical performer and was working on a project that demanded a lot of flexibility and breath. He came highly recommended by a friend.

I've tried different kinds of bodywork (yoga, Feldenkrais, etc.) and massage therapy (Swedish, Trager, etc.) over the years and enjoyed them and benefited from many of them. But, I had no way of knowing what his work would do for me. Allan is amazing. He helped me find a flexibility that I didn't know was possible. My arms and legs felt longer, my back more flexible and fluid, my breath was more grounded than I could remember it ever being.

Also, the amount of physical awareness that I found through working with him changed my understanding of how I live in my body. Working with him was transformative -- I can honestly say that he changed my life.

I go to Allan a few times a year now.

I also brought my elderly mother to him after she had a knee replacement surgery, and because of his help, and with the added awareness that his work gave her, she was able to do the exercises given to her by the physical therapist more effectively, and she healed quickly. I worked with her before and after the sessions with Allan and the difference was notable.

I can't recommend him highly enough. If you are in the Seattle area and are looking for a Rolfer, you can't do better than Allan Kaplan.

Annette T.
Seattle, WA


When I first came to Allan 3 years ago, I was in extreme pain from a misaligned hip, hunched over shoulders, forward neck syndrome and an old ankle sprain. After the first session almost all of my hip pain was eliminated. By the 3rd session there was no pain to be found anywhere in my body.

My life was so changed by Allan's work that I decided to become a Rolfer, myself. In the past few years, while going through the training, I have received many Rolfing sessions from many different practitioners in the United States and abroad. Allan is able to get greater results in a single session than some practitioners get in the whole Ten Series.

My only disappointment? Realizing it may take me 25 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of continuing education before I am able to do the same kind of work with my own clients.

If you are interested in Rolfing and you live in Seattle, there really is no other choice. Just don't book him so full that I can't get an appointment when I'm in town!!!

Janu V.
Seattle, WA & NYC


The work Allan has done for me has been and continues to be life-changing.

I have a herniated disc and multiple bulging discs in my neck; this gives me a somewhat unstable neck. When my neck is out of alignment, it often causes headaches, nausea, pain in my arm from nerve impingement, and other problems. I'm also a pretty hard-core sea kayaker, which requires strength and flexibility.

Recently I was planning for 3 days of training with a top coach from the UK, and the day before the training was supposed to start my neck went "out". By the end of the day I had an irritated nerve in my neck that affected my left arm to the point that I couldn't really use my arm because of the pain. I'd been working with Allan off and on for a couple months, and was able to get a session with him the day after the injury. I walked in with my arm cradled at my side, trying to improvise a sling. The day after treatment, I was able to kayak gently in the morning, more aggressively in the afternoon, and the following day was at a full sprint in the whirlpools and boils in Deception Pass. I was in tears I was so happy! I had thought I would need to quit the class--instead I was able to participate at 110%.

I've been working with Allan off and on for a couple months on this and some other alignment issues, and can't say enough about his skills! He consistently resolves pain and mobility issues that no one else has been able to address successfully, and as I continue to work with him, it seems that my neck is becoming more stable. The work he does is often subtle but the effects it has on my life are profound.

Elizabeth G.
La Conner, WA


On my move to the Northwest, I was fortunate to find a highly talented, deeply committed Rolfer. The physical results were enduring and gained in momentum over time.

When she retired, I incurred a lower back injury that would recede with attention only to reassert itself again several weeks later. I fully expected to live with the injury for the duration.

Then, I connected with Allan Kaplan, who had a profound impact on my physical well being. By the second session my nagging injury disappeared and has not returned. Follow-up work with Allan resolved underlying issues and left me with a profound sense of well-being, optimism, and physical energy.

Allan Kaplan is a conjurer -- with profoundly positive and very physical results.

Thank you Allan!

Kim A.
Seattle, WA


In the culinary world 5 spoons is the highest rating that I am authorized to bestow. If Allan Kaplan was a chef I would give him a 6. Before meeting Allan I struggled for 7 years with debilitating sciatica that left me barely able to walk. I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. Years of massage, chiropractic, anti-inflammatory drugs, consultations with physical therapists and 2 spinal surgeons, all failed to resolve the relentless nerve pain. I went to Allan for deep tissue massage to release the tight muscles in the affected leg. Instead, he carefully evaluated my posture and concluded that the problem was on the opposite side. What happened next was nothing short of miraculous. After 2 sessions, my entire postural alignment shifted and the sciatica was almost entirely resolved. Allan is a consummate professional. He understands the body and possesses the skills necessary intervene in the most effective way. Not to over-dramatize, meeting Allan has been a life changing event for me. As a bonus, he's also a terrific person. Maybe I should go for 7 spoons.

Thomas A.
Friday Harbor, WA


I first started seeing Allan about a year ago after a car accident. Within a few sessions, I felt great relief of back pain as well as any neck and shoulder stiffness I had regarding the accident. I continue to see Allan and always leave feeling completely transformed. I cant recommend him highly enough!! If you are looking for a Rolfer, go see Allan.

Lucia M.
Bothell, WA


Allan's Rolfing has been the single most important factor in healing the extreme back and neck pain that I had experienced on a regular basis for nearly 15 years. During those 15 years, I visited at least 7 different chiropractors, 5 massage therapists, 3 physical therapists, and a PhD in advanced therapy modalities and none were able to fully alleviate my pain and all were temporary solutions. Allan's therapy work decreased my back pain from a regular 6 to 8 on the pain scale to a 0 to 2. The magnitude of the improvement is impressive, but the duration is even more impressive as it has been long lasting (over a year thus far). The nature of my profession reinjures my back and neck from time to time, but a visit with essentially results in a quick recovery.

In addition to being an effective healer, Allan is full of wisdom and interesting knowledge and a delight to talk to. I always look forward to my sessions with Allan and highly recommend him to anybody in pain.

Kris D.
Seattle, WA


I went to see Allan to see if Rolfing could resolve a significant leg/hip injury I had incurred several months before. I had torn a ligament in my hip and my entire right leg was weak from non-use and the muscles were incredibly tight/warped. This was causing a strange 'pull' as a I walked, which further irritated my hip and was causing 'misalignment.' Within the first session I knew this was going to help. Allan was able to target the exact area and work specifically on it. Over the course of about 6 weeks, I saw Allan every week and came to look forward to each session immensely. I would feel lighter and more balanced after each session, and eventually was walking and feeling normal again.
I'm a huge advocated of Rolfing and would highly recommend Allan.

Angela W.
Seattle, WA