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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer came to Rolfing through the advice of a chiropractor. After the results of his treatment for chronic back pain plateaued, his chiropractor suggested checking out Rolfing. After his first session Allan noticed a big improvement in his comfort level, and within a year of completing the Ten Series, he was well into the arduous process of becoming a Rolfer himself. He completed his Basic Training at the Rolf Institute® in Boulder, CO in 1988 and relocated to Seattle where Rolfing has been his profession ever since. Allan completed and received his Advanced Certification for the first time in 1991. He subsequently completed a post-Advanced Training in 1992, and revisited the Advanced Training in 1999.

Allan has actively continued his education with many other Rolf Institute classes, as well as having augmented his Rolfing skills with the knowledge he's gained from the many classes he has taken in the philosophy, methodology, and technic of the osteopathic tradition. Pursuing his interests in cranial and visceral manipulation, Allan enrolled in the Canadian College of Osteopathy and completed his studies in 2007. The five-year academic program included theory and practice of traditional osteopathy with special emphasis on cranial and visceral manipulation. He has taught visceral manipulation with Didier Prat D.O. and for the Barral Institute. He has been active in the Rolf Institute, having served as the NW Regional Chairperson and as an instructor in Rolfing Basic Trainings.

Allan is a rabid snowboarder. He is also eager to get back into traveling internationally, practicing more aikido (going on 36 years!), and breaking out his various cameras to burn a lot of film. His latest obsession is S/V Aurora, a Baba 40 cutter-rigged ketch.