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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Advanced Work

Once a person finishes a Ten Series, what then? For some people, it may be all the Rolfing they want; for others, it's only the beginning of the journey. Clients may elect to return for more sessions after they've let their bodies assimilate the work for a few months, or possibly several years.

When they do return, it can be for a variety of reasons. Some people sustain injuries and want to get tweaked back into alignment. Others find that they want to devote more attention to whatever issues they initially brought to Rolfing. And many find that that they feel better than they did before, and want to feel even better! Whatever the reason, more sessions can help them out.

While a Ten Series is the recommended way to bring a baseline of balance and order into a person's structure, once it's been done, it's not the most efficient way to continue Rolfing. Instead, a person may elect to do perhaps three to five sessions that are specifically customized to their state of being at the time. Just as each session of the Series built on the sessions before it, this Advanced Work builds on the work that was accomplished in the Series. The Advanced Rolfing Training presents different conceptual frameworks to consider when doing further Rolfing, as well as a broad repertoire of techniques and paradigms to draw from in shaping this shorter series.