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Allan Kaplan, Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Other Applications

Invariably, clients have come to rely on Rolfers as their neighborhood fix-it resources, and it is evident that the process devised as a way to instill balance and alignment in the entire body has applications for chronic discomfort, specific injury, and acute trauma. In its "fix-it" mode, Rolfing addresses the issue within the context of the entire body.

When a client arrives with a specific concern in mind, it's important to consider how to proceed, as a Ten Series may not be the most appropriate way to go. Sometimes a Ten Series may not be something the client may want or be able to afford, while other times it may simply not be the most efficient approach to take.

Certainly, in the case of acute trauma, supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms is paramount. Doing whatever possible to release the strains of the trauma, increase the body's structural order and support, and relieve pain are factors a Rolfer will consider. Even though it may not be possible to resolve a problem immediately, the goal is to bolster the affected area and bring it into better balance with the rest of the body, as soon as possible.

Otherwise, when a potential client has a specific injury, chronic discomfort, or other issue and is not necessarily interested in a complete Series, the application of Rolfing concepts and techniques may still address the matter at hand. It is important to recognize that even though one may strategize Rolfing sessions around a particular issue, doing so within the context of the Rolfing principles of balancing and aligning the body will prove the most effective approach. If one is too myopic and focusses only on the area in question, the relationships between the problem and its compensations through the body won't be considered, and the client may get either some change which isn't lasting or no change at all. When Rolfing principles are applied and the person's entire structure is taken into account, distant causes or contributors to the problem can be relieved and the complaint will resolve.

The caveat in seeking short-term Rolfing is that sometimes the person's strain pattern or its compensations do reach body-wide. The Rolfer would determine this within a few sessions, and in that case, the best approach really would be to do a Ten Series that sorts out the entire body.